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I was born in Orange County California to a Jewish Lithuanian Ukrainian father and a Roman Catholic Mexican mother. Spanish was my first language. Throughout childhood, 3 months out of the year were spent in my mother's Native country of Mexico, visiting family, and watching my father teach and dance professionally. Inspired by his adventures I began taking acting and dance classes myself and performing the creations of my imagination to any willing family, friends or my ever willing audience of stuffed animals.

After graduating with a degree in Speech Communication and Advocacy (with perfect English, mind you) and minoring in Psychology, I went on to do postgraduate studies in education. Then I finally smartened up and became an actor. :)


I’ve studied in LA at Seven PIllars Acting Studio with Sonya Cook, Philip Ozario, Amber Friendly, Michael Matthys and Michael Starr, and have also had the opportunity to take classes with Directors John Badham, Martha Coolidge and Richard Zelnicker. I booked over 20+ projects in both English and Spanish and one film is in consideration at Sundance for the short film in a foreign language. I also am a guest star in a family drama series that is set to air this fall and was recently cast as a lead in a Theater Production set to premiere in North Carolina in 2021. 

By the way did I mention that somewhere along the way I got married, had three kids, and worked as a social worker, migrant education specialist, and Spanish teacher plus had a non-profit organization at one point? There is something special about life experiences to use for inspiration and connection!

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